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We import products from all over the world, we take care of everything from origin to the retailer or food service.

Image by Dominik Lückmann


We have partnerships with the best carriers, brokers and freight companies by land, sea or air.

Thanks to our portfolio we can consolidate loads and give our customers the best service.

We work with:    
- Dry van expedited
- Reefer
- Flatbed
- Air freight
- Partial load (LTL)

Image by Franki Chamaki


Sell In: We look for the right customers and place your product within the best network of distributors, wholesalers and retail chains.


Sell Out: We don’t stop at the warehouses, we complement the sales and dissemination process with a marketing team and product development creating specific plans, promotions and activities to give the products a way out and sell directly at the points of sale through demonstrations,  direct sales, as well as the creation of campaigns on social networks, tv, radio and other advertising media, local and national.

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We have the right warehouse solution for you, we can consolidate with several brands in order to give our customers the best price possible. 
We can ship to any part of the country. To meet the needs of our customers in a timely manner. 


We have different locations
- Texas
- Florida
- Mexico City

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